Below are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions asked by newer and potential members of Clann Tartan.
If there are any questions you may have that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact one of our members to get more information.
Further down are topics that members or potentially experienced re-enactors might have.


Do I have to be Scottish?
Do I have to perform?
Are there auditions?
What if I don't want to portray a soldier?
Will I get Paid?
Must I pay dues?
Is it expensive to get started?
Where do you get your clothing?
Are children/minors allowed to join?
Where do you meet?
Must I do a lot of studying?
What's the difference between an Active and Associate membership?
What is Clann Tartan's philosophy?


Do I have to be Scottish?

No! Although most Clann Tartan members have some Scottish heritage.

Do I have to perform?

No, there is no performance requirement. We are as much a social group as we are a reenactment group. We welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about history and what we do to recreate it. We meet on a regular basis to learn about dance, music, sword and weapons handling and much more! Check out the Events Center to find out when the next event is planned!

Are there auditions?

No, but a some performing skills or an ability to talk to people does help a little if you plan to appear with us. It's difficult to teach Living History without holding the public's attention. We DO have requirements regarding historical clothing and equipment. You'll need to get a copy of the Clann Tartan manual and start learning some of the history of the period.

What if I don't want to portray a soldier?

That's OK! One of the differences between Clann Tartan and other reenactment groups is that we encourage our members to portray the local Scottish people, or camp followers, who supply and outfit the regimental camp. However, members are expected to have at least a cursory working knowledge of all aspects of our reenactment so you will be able to interpret the events of our camp for visitors.

Will I get Paid?

No, we are a non-profit organization. We do, whenever possible, obtain payments for our appearances to cover the expenses. All money earned by Clann Tartan goes into our group resources. Clann Tartan does feed it's members at events, reimburses for group expenses and pays mileage if you carpool or transport corporate equipment. We do encourage members to learn or practice period crafts which may be demonstrated and sold to the public, both as a way to earn money and add to our overall experience.

Must I pay dues?

Yes. Annual dues are $18 US for both Active and Associate memberships. The dues are used to cover the cost of the monthly newsletter. All Active members are required to purchase a copy of the Clann Tartan Manual for $16.

Is it expensive to get started?

Some reenactment groups can cost up to $1,000 to buy uniforms and equipment. To participate with us all you need is proper clothing. The basics can cost as little as $100, and the price can go down from there with a little bargain hunting, or your own sewing. We are a very friendly group, and often for your first event or two you can find someone willing to loan you clothing that will get you started.

Where do you get your clothing?

Most of our period clothing we produce ourselves, and there are several patterns available from our Clann library. Many members are willing to teach their craft, or sell or barter for items you need. Senior members usually have items for sale that they have out-grown or replaced.

Are children/minors allowed to join?

Yes, the members of Clann Tartan are very much like an extended family. And while we portray a military camp, the camp followers would have had children running about, helping with chores etc. Teens are welcome to join as an Active member with parental permission. Many schools also give credit to the older children when they participate in our demonstrations.

Where do you meet?

There are meetings of one form or another almost every week in members' homes, community centers and public parks. Clann Tartan members also meets socially for dining and socializing on a regular basis. Be sure to check the events center for any scheduled events.

Must I do a lot of studying?

We realize that not everybody has time to study the intricacies of history, so almost everything you'll need to know is in our Clann Manual. Many topics are covered at our social gatherings as well. Our members have written articles in our newsletter, and produced cookbooks and musical books, as well as compiled a library on our period of reenactment.

What's the difference between an Active and Associate membership?

The following is an excerpt from the Bylaws of Clann Tartan, adopted in January 1990 and amended 1992;
    Article III Membership
  • 3-01.All persons of good character, upon completion of the corporate membership application and payment of annual dues, and upon having read the bylaws and general regulartions of the corporation and having attested to their interest to abide by them, in writing, shall be admitted as members.

  • 3-02. There shall be two classes of membership: Active and Associate. The members shall choose, and may change the class of their membership.
       a. Active members have the rights to vote and to hold office, subject to the requirements of the office, to be informed of and to participate in all corporate activities, subject to the general regulations, and have the obligations to support the corporation and to pay dues and assessments as determined by the membership.
       b. Associate members have the rights to be informed and to participate in corporate activities, subject to the general regulations, and have the obligations to support the corporation and to pay dues as determined by the membership.

  • 3-03. The term of membership shall be one fiscal year, April through March. Once admitted as a member, and having maintained membership in good standing, membership shall be extended for the next fiscal year upon payment of annual dues.

  • 3-04. The Board of Directors of the corporation may suspend a member of either class, subject to a 30 day warning and two-thirds approval of the attending members voting at a regular meeting. Membership may be reinstated by the Board of Directors, subject to two-thirds approval of the attending members voting at a regular meeting.

  • 3-05. Grounds for suspension (failure to maintain membership in good standing) are; failure to observe, or violation of the purposes, functions, bylaws, or general regulations of the corporation, or actions which endanger the welfare of members, or the general public.

What is Clann Tartan's philosophy?

We keep the LIVING HISTORY EXPERIENCE as accessible as possible for participants as well as the public. The idea is to blur the line between participant and observer, providing a high quality educational experience as well as helping recruit new members. This is achieved through hands-on crafts, dance, music and even dressing a patron in period clothing.

Members have the opportunity to experience all aspects of what we do from firing a matchlock musket to spinning wool, from cooking a period meal over an open fire it to hauling water and washing pats and pans.

We try to minimize costs for new members as much as possible through:

Flexibility in clothing requirements. Not all members need military uniforms, and a great kilt is simple.
Clann Tartan owned equipment No need to purchase pikes, muskets, we even have tents for new members to borrow.
Meals are provided to Active members at events. There is no need to purchase food or cooking items.

Below is a repository of questions and answers or locations to answers compiled over time


Kilt and 9 yards
1 - Shoes
What works?
I have sandals I got from Fest, do those work?
I have Catskill mocassins, will those work?
I have Minnetonka mocassins, will those work?
Are there proper patterns that I can make from leather?
Is there a good web site to buy them from?
Does anyone in Clann make them for people?

See article at the April 2004 Newsletter (17th Century Footwear, by David Vavreck)

2 - Kilt and 9 yards
I went to SR Harris and bought 9 yards of wool, now what?
What is an appropriate plaid?
Do I have to buy 9 whole yards? That is a lot for me to wear
Do I have to go regimental?
What is appropriate if I don't go regimental?
What do I do in windy conditions? Cold? Rain?
What are trews?
Is there a pattern?
Can I wear both at an event?

See article at the October 2005 Newsletter (Article - Wear it with Pride! The Belted Plaid before 1700, by Glenn McDavid)

3 - Shirts
What pattern is appropriate?
What material is appropriate?
Where can I get 1?
Who can make them?
Can I use a sewing machine to make one? I don't have the time to hand do one

4 - Sword/dagger
What is a correct sword/dagger?
Where can I get one?
Where can I learn to use one?
Do I need to know how to use one?
Do I have to own one?
Are there any I can borrow?

5 - Hat
Do I have to wear a hat?
What is the proper hat to wear?
Where can I buy one?
Can I make one?

6 - Gear
What should I bring for
- Sleeping gear?
- Off hours wear?
- Personal gear?
- Storage for my gear?
- Food?
- Plate/Fork/Spoon/Bowl/Cup
- Shower/Towel/Hygiene?

7 - Marching
Where do I learn to the marching commands so I can participate in drill at an event?
Do I have to march every time?
Do I get time to do other things?

8 - Crafts
What do I do in camp if I am not "on duty" or drilling?
Where can I learn to do different crafts?
What crafts are needed in camp?
Does anyone teach them "off season"?

9 - Character
Where would my character be from?
How would I fill out my character history to tell patrons?
What are appropriate names?
Do I have to talk in accent?
Where do I learn the language people speak in camp?
Where do I learn the names of all the items in camp?

10 - Public
How do I deal with the public?
What do I do if I don't know the answer to a question?
Will I have to answer questions right away?

11 - Appropriate
Can I smoke?
Can I have my own personal food?
What if I have allergies do perfume?
Will there be facilities to clean up?

12 - Drills
Do I have to show up in costume to drills?
When are the drills in "off season"?
Do I have to attend every drill?

13 - Guilds
What are the different guilds?
What if I want to start a different one?

14 - Exprience
I have been doing Renn Fest, how is Clann different?
I have been doing SCA, how is Clann different?
I have never done any sort of re-enacting, what do I do?

15 - Movies
I have watched _Braveheart_, is it a good resource to learn from?
I have watched _Rob Roy_, is it a good resource to learn from?
Are there any good movies to learn from?
Are there any good movies to learn accent from?

16 - Musters
What are musters?
Where do I learn about musters?
Where do I learn the stuff I need to learn for musters?

17 - Sutlery
How do I get a manual?
How can I get a cook book?
Are there any other items available?
Can I sell crafts I make?
Can I buy stuff from others?

18 - Cooking
What do I do if I have allergies?
How can I choose something to eat?
When are meals?
What if I am on a "diet"?
What if I am vegaterian?
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