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Once again Clann will be participating in the St. Paul Winter carnival. We will be marching in the King Boreas Grande Day Parade on 01/28/2006, from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm and in the Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade on 02/04/2006, from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

We encourage our brave and hardy members to join in these events. Do we need to tell you to dress warmly?

If you wish to participate, please let Julie Yoder know. We will not know about our assigned time and place for lineup until about a week before the parades. Julie will see to it that participants are advised of this essential information.

If you are even entertaining a hint of a thought that you might participate, you must fill out a waiver. Waivers will not be accepted on parade day. Waivers will be available at all First Footing events, or see Bruce or Julie Yoder.

Board Elections

Saturday, February 4 at noon we will be holding the Annual Members
Meeting. This is your chance to vote for your new Board Members. 
The positions that will be open are:

Vice President (Special election to fill vacancy for the remainder of position term-1 year)
Camp Representative

If you're interested in any of these positions but have questions on the duties and responsibilities, please contact a current Board Member for more information. It's not too early to get your nomination in! Ballot for the Board Elections; Offices open: Vice President: Treasurer: Cate Hesser _________________ Bruce Yoder ______________ Maeve Kane _________________ Other _________________ Other _________________ Camp Representative: President: Diana Steben _______________ Mary McKinley ______________ Other ______________________ Other _____________________ Please make sure that votes are emailed to Glenn McDavid, at gmcdavid@comcast.net by Feb. 2.

Ice Cream – 5 gallons worth!
Cake – made by the incomparable Sasha!
Good food – brought by you!

Saturday, February 25th!

Mary is celebrating her “Thank god I’m out of my 40’s Party!” (Assuming she makes it that far…)

Come one, come all to the Yoder’s – 1817 Juno (map elsewhere in the newsletter).

Festivities start at 7 PM.

What to wear? What ever you want – be comfortable, be dressy, be period – show off that outfit you never get to wear anywhere else!

What to bring? A food item to share, instruments, partners, a good mood, willingness to have fun!

What about presents? Not necessary – I prefer your presence.

Anything else? Contact Mary at Mairi2@juno.com.

I look forward to seeing you!


*Desperately Seeking Sheep* . . .skin

No, get your minds out of the pasture! The Clann Staff is looking for shearling remnants (skin with fleece on) to use for hotpads and mortar swabs. If you have any scraps you can share, please advise Rob Johnson; otherwise, we will have to see to buying a sheepskin.

Your staff thanks you.


Clann Tartan is pleased to announce the opening of Colonel Gaffneis Official Sutlery!

Currently we offer tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, mugs, mouse pads, bumper stickers, bibs, infant creepers, steins and totes with a variety of designs.

The online store can be found at www.cafepress.com/clanntartan.


Still looking for thoughts on Why We Do What We Do

—and what will make it more fun for you.

What are you looking for in Clann? What can we do better? What are we doing well? Please let us know—we all want this to be a fun, fulfilling experience for everyone.

Send info to Mary McKinley at the previously posted info—snail mail:
Mary McKinley
1363 Jefferson Ave
St Paul, MN 55105-2410


Clann's monthly drill will be held on the third Saturday of the month at Bossen Field by Eric and Hellen's home (5732 Bossen Terrace Apt#2), unless there is a scheduled Clann Event that weekend.
The time is NOON.
For directions, Eric can be contacted at: 612-726-6364 or eric@celticfringe.net


Submissions for the Newsletter!
Items you can submit include research articles, character sketches, and other items pertaining to living history and Scottish Culture. Email your items in either plain text, or MS Word format to newsletter@clanntartan.org or snail mail to our postal address.
Items must be received by the 15th of each month to be considered for inclusion for the upcoming months issue. Mailed submissions will not be returned unless requested. All pertinent submissions will be considered as space permits. All research articles must reference at least three sources. Submissions are NOT edited for spelling or grammar, but may be broken in multiple parts.

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
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Special Announcements

A note from Kali......stolen goods, please help find...

We have been getting our house ready for sale, which included renting a storage unit in Woodbury. ........we had been informed that 3 units had been broken into, one which was ours. Fortunately we had not moved alot into the unit yet. UNFORTUNATELY what we had moved are items we would not need until the rendezvous season started up again.

The stolen sheep hides are a disaster! We purchased a mess of them from Snake last fall with the intention of using them for coats and vests for the boys. The beaver and bear are a great disappointment. But what really stinks is they cleaned out the gifts the kids received, camp medallions, prizes and items we got for the kids to start out their gear for their own camps in the future. A few costumes are even gone, but the kids where growing out of them anyway.

A police report was filed, we will be doing our best to find catalogue pictures from Panther Townsend and smoke and fire of many of the items. The police feel that some items may show up in a pawn shop, but think it will be more specific to Ebay, Taxidermist shops or traded with others who rendezvous or hunt. We ask that everyone be on the look out for:

Any sheep hides with the name Pederson or Fitzsimons written on the flesh side. Typically black sharpie marker. ALL 20 sheep hides are gone. One brown, 2 very large thick merinos, the others are various Jacob sheep some with spots, white, light tan and cream colored etc. most are the smaller hides that Snake was selling at Big Muddy this last year. I know its hard to ID sheep hides but the name on the backs will be the key. Some may even have some maroon staining on the back from some wet rugs this summer.

Small, very black, black bear hide. This one is easy to identify because it is crunchy. It was a poor copper tan and rolled up and forgotten about, so it is forever in a stiff 3 fold form, hair side out.

Large "Silvery" beaver pelt on a background of Pink felt. This was a gift to me for the work I did on the women's "Beaver Vous" rendezvous.

Black wool hooded cape, with a cross stitched Scottish thistle over the heart. Bottom left black rayon lining, is full of bees wax and kind of melty. Woman's small-medium, crummy sewing skills.

Dark sage green hooded cape, with large Victorian silver clasp at the neck, maroon wool tweedy lining. Woman's med-large. Good sewing skills

Summer weight wool, Royal blue on white plaid, frock coat, natural cotton fringe. Woman's med- large size

A small knife that my daughter won at High Plains 2003, 3" blade, 3" antler hilt carved with an eagle head.

2 med size hawks both have leather head covers with celtic "E" tooled into them.

2 small 4" Swedish steel skinning knives. These may have "E" scratched into the blonde wood handle. These where special because of the steel. The kids may have even scratched their entire names in them "Emily" "Edward"

Other "not personalized" items stolen. If they have the cloaks, sheep, hides and the knife these items may also be found too.

1 small knife 2"in blade with 2-3" 2 prong antler hilt

Heart shaped Tobacco pouch made by "Fluffy Baggins". Beads had been changed out from glass beads to authentic trade beads corresponding with the original colors Fluffy puts on them. It also had "his" used white clay pipe. This was a special gift to my son Edward from Fluffy, If anyone has some Fluffy pouches we would be interested in buying one to replace this. It must be a Fluffy pouch though.

Trade silver-all from Cousin Dave
2 small silver circles
1 Silver corn flower
1 Small Indian pony
1 Small silver double heart-(forgot what its called)
2 silver cone earrings

2 2" twisted brass Celtic brooches
1 3" twisted brass Celtic brooch ends are the Celtic laughing dog heads

1 pair small iron scissors
1 pair small iron snippers-rusty and dull
2 paper fans
1 sandalwood fan
Maple fife
Wood stylus with 2 brass nibs- she lost the others
Brass bosun whistle
2 Round tin cans with flint/steel and tow
Reed stem pipe with red clay bowl
Lead dice
Cory's Coyote face, sporran pouch w/braided belt. ( brown leather box with baseball stitching, mushed up coyote face with perky ears)
Quilled medicine wheel made by Marge Olsen
Small(smaller than a hand) brown split leather bag w/hand painted Indian ponies (yellow red and blue)
Grey Rabbit fur pouch- may still have a pack of fruit snacks in it
Misc small leather pouches
5 rabbit skins
1 red fox face
1 arctic fox face
1 raccoon face
1 badger face
Camp medallions from 2003 High Plains, 2002, 2004, 2005 Prairie Du Chien

30 Misc trade beads. including 10 various African sandcast, White padre, blue donuts, 1 green king, 3 skunk beads, 1 ghost-replica, 3 lewis&clark-replicas, 5 Dutch crosses, 2 very old red w/white middle Hudson bay beads, 5 yellow and green cross trails, 2 Watermelons, Mics small chevrons replicas. Skull beads, buffalo teeth and shell beads.

Much of this is insignificant items. What can't be replaced is when and how the kids got these items. Much of it was with money earned from camp chores, prizes, trades, round robins. Each item, right down to finding just the right steel for their hand, or "good flints" took time and thought for these kids. Not just as simple as a run to the local target and grabbing off the shelf something exactly like it. Unfortunately, the thief is looking at what he thinks is mostly junk and my kids are upset.

Keep an eye out for us! Cruise Ebay. Email if you think you might have found something!

Cory " Wookie/Woosh" and Kali "Da Wench/ Twisted Spinster" Pederson
St. Paul, MN

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
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Board Minutes

Minutes of Clann Tartan Board Meeting
December 5, 2005

In attendance:  (Board) Herb Lindorff, Bruce Yoder, Mary McKinley, 
Glenn McDavid, Sean McCanna

(Staff) Julie Yoder, Mia McDavid, Maeve Kane, Eric Ferguson, Betsy Bolton

Hellen Ferguson

Minutes of the November Meeting were approved as corrected.

First Footing:  We have enough houses for all the courses.  Staff will
work out the details.

Winter Carnival:  Bruce has sent in our application and the appropriate
payment, well before the deadline.  We are waiting to receive some
acknowledgment.  This may not come until quite late.

Annual Meeting (Feb. 5).  Board Elections--President, Vice President,
Treasurer, and Camp Rep are all open.  We need to get notice about this
into the January and February Newsletters.

Albert Lea February Event:  Not happening this year.

Ramble (Feb 18-19):  We will be able to have a proper room on the 2nd
floor, as opposed to staying in the lobby.  We can hang banners over the
balcony railing to draw attention.

The new Treasurer presented his first written report and walked the
Board through the new format he used.  It was well received.

The cash payment from Deer River has not been deposited.  We need to get
it from the previous treasurer.

Some membership checks have not yet been deposited--we need to get them
from the previous treasurer.  However, the members are on the Roster

The issue with the stolen debit card has been resolved.  Note that the
account number on that card is no longer valid.  The Cafepress account 
may have to be altered to reflect this.

Rules for posession of the debit card:  The card should normally in the
posession of the Treasurer or of the ranking staff member at an event.

Bruce reminded everybody of the Purchase Order policy.  He will do an
article on it and general Treasury policies for the newsletter.

The trailer was unpacked and the contents stored in the garage.

Mia has the Cook's tent and will arrange for its repair.

Marty will repair the poles on the Cook's fly.

The Clann cast iron is in good shape.

The yellow boxes are too large for the trailer.  We need something a
little smaller.

We need a new rope box.

The trailer will be repaired by Herb.  We need to replace both fenders.

Tent stakes for troopers should be stored by the individual tent.

We can use some _heavy_ canvas scraps for tent stake bags.  Mia will
check at Harris.

The ropes seem to be OK

CAMP REP - no report

COMPANY REP - no report

New Wednesday site at MCTC.  Hellen will put it in the newsletter.

We want include as many musicians as possible.  Both period and
contemporary instruments are welcome.  Sarah Shaftman has been very
helpful with this.

FIBER GUILD - no report
HISTORIC SITE - no report
SWORD GUILD - no report

"Camp Drill" -- Mia will arrange this.  Planning for 4th Saturdays.  A
fabric swap may be part of it.

Maeve has the CD.  Jonathan Palmer can print it.  Once printed, we will
have an order form in the newsletter.

Still waiting for the Committee report.

Corporal of the Camp and others.  A lot of these have been lost and we
need to do something about this.  We need to do more to recognize member
contributions.  Mary passed around a seemingly prophetic letter from Shaun
Gaffney, written c. 1990, about the same issue.

SCHEDULE ISSUE:  In 2006 the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland
Games will occur on the same weekend as the Dun Gowan Tactical.  We 
need to determine how to allocate Clann resources between these two 
events.  Ultimately it will depend on how many members choose to go 
to each event.

OTHER:  The Company could use some more matchlocks.  Originally members
were expected to eventually purchase their own, but that has not
happened to nearly the expected extent.  Proper reproduction
matchlock muskets are quite expensive ($500-$1000 each) which severely
limits corporate as well as individual purchases.  Although more muskets
would be nice, because of our small numbers Clann does not intend to
purchase any more at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 P.M.

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Tentative Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  Event Maps and Notification
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Board & Staff

If you need to contact someone associated with Clann Tartan, here is where you find out how. If you are unsure who to contact, you can always email us at: info@clanntartan.org

Board Members

President Mary McKinley 651-699-6853 mairi2@juno.com
Vice President Position vacant
Secretary Glenn McDavid 651-490-1842 gmcdavid@comcast.net
Treasurer Bruce Yoder 651-698-8375 bruceyoder@juno.com
Quarter Master Herb Lindorff 612-827-4440 deeptinker@hotmail.com
Camp Rep. Diana Steben 612-728-1189 Rillaspins@aol.com
Company Rep. Sean McCanna  952-926-1279   macbaird@lycos.com  


Chief of Staff Rob Johnson 612.702.4274  roguerpj@mn.rr.com
Head Campfollower Julie Yoder 651.698.8375 julieyoder@juno.com
Captain Marty Byers 651.483.1173 twolodge@yahoo.com
Henchman Eric Ferguson 612.726.6364 eric@celticfringe.net
Henchman David Vavreck 612-378-1973 baethan1630@yahoo.com
Henchwoman Mia McDavid 651-490-1842 mia_mcdavid@comcast.net 
Henchwoman Maeve Kane 952.461.4666 mollmccaine@aol.com 
Henchwoman Betsy Bolton 612-359-1089  basil80@hotmail.com 

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Tentative Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  Event Maps and Notification
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Sword Guild:

I am now taking names of MEMBERS, who are interested in learning the period correct way to wield the blades we would have used. The methods will be totally Scottish and /or common to the Scottish Island.

But, first I need your name, mailing address, phone number and what type of sword you are interested in...and, do you have such a sword. When I have this information, we will set up a date and time to get together for our first exercise.

I hope to use some of what we learn in a skit or two during the coming years. The more blades we have to be used correctly the better we will be for the public.

So, get me this information soon and let's get started.

Sword Drill meets the THIRD Thursday of Every month, sword drill will be at Corcoran. In February, it will be on the 16th.

Marty L. Byers


1st & 3rd Wednesdays
Mpls Comm & Tech College
Dance practice is at the Helleand Building on the campus of Minneapolis Community and Technical College. The college address is 1501 S Hennepin Avenue but the Helleand building is near the corner of Spruce and Harmon Place. Dance location is on the 4th floor. Questions? call Mary at 651-699-6853 or Julie at 651-698-8375

2nd & 4th Tuesdays
Saint Christopher's Episcopal Church, 2300 N Hamline Ave. in St. Paul.

It is at the northeast corner of Highway 36 and Hamline Avenue (Hamline is between Snelling and Lexington). The church is actually encircled by the highway entrance ramp.
The Dance Guild gathers weekly from 7PM-9PM to learn and practice historic Scottish country dances.
For more information call:

Mary at 651-699-6853 or Julie at 651-698-8375

It's a great place to meet people !

Other Guilds

Want to learn about wool spinning, weaving, or dying? Diana Steben (651-489-2881) and Kali Pederson (651-730-5437 ) organize the Fiber Guild.

Clann Tartan has our own historic site near Duluth MN. Dun Gowan is an ongoing project, which is the site of Gaffneyis Annual Tactical in July. We are finishing the fort and beginning the construction of a village this year. Contact David Vavreck at 612-378-1973 or baethan1630@yahoo.com for further information, or to volunteer to help.

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Tentative Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  Event Maps and Notification
   Special Announcements  



by David Vavreck
Although many instruments that we take for granted today did not exist in the 17th century, a surprising number of modern instruments, or their immediate forbears, did. This article will give a basic grounding in what instruments are correct for our group. They are divided by type (i.e. strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion, and I am treating all keyboards together) as well as by social class.


First, a note on strings - although a few instruments used wire strings (cittern, Highland harp), most used catgut (actually made from sheep). Although professionally made strings were available from France by the 16th century, most lower class musicians still made their own. Gut strings are more expensive than nylon, and they generally don’t last as long, but they give a much nicer sound. Nylon strings will do until you can replace them with gut. And there are synthetic gut strings (NylgutÔ, for example) that approximate the tone of gut, but are more stable and last longer.

Also, for those instruments which had them, frets were usually tied-on bits of gut string, rather than the permanently placed metal frets we are accustomed to.

Bowed strings

Rebec and Violin

Lower class (usually made by the musician who played it)

Bows-drawing by David Vavreck


Fiddle - a four- or five-stringed bowed instrument, made by hollowing out the sound box and neck from a solid piece of wood. Also known as a hum and scrum in England, in imitation of the sound it makes. Played against the chest or armpit, rather than under the chin like a violin. Because they were made by the people who played them, there was no standard shape, but they were often squarish.

Rebec (ray-BECK) - a medieval usually three-stringed bowed instrument, which was falling from favor in the rest of western Europe from about 1500 when
Rebeck & Violin-drawing by David Vavreck


they were replaced be the viols. Rebecs survived in Scotland until the 17th century (and Bohemia and southeast Europe until the present). Dance masters, though, often still played rebecs throughout the 17th century, when they were usually known as kits (English) or pochettes (French). Like the fiddle, the rebec was hollowed out from a single block of wood until the 17th century, when it started being built in the same manner as a violin.

Hurdy Gurdy - essentially a mechanical violin. One turns a crank with the left hand, which spins a circular “bow”, and stops the strings with the right hand by depressing buttons or keys. There are drone strings as well as melody strings, so it sounds sort of like a very quiet bagpipe. This instrument was popular amongst the upper class in the middle ages, but fell out of their favor by the 17th century.

Upper class (professionally made, and played by the professionally trained)

Viol - usually fretted, with six strings. Died out in the early - mid 18th century. A family of instruments of various sizes including the viola da gamba (leg viol, held like a cello) and the viola de braccio (arm viol, held like a violin). The first music books for the viola da gamba were published by Scottish mercenary captain Tobias Hume in 1605 and 1607.

Violin - You know the family: violin, viola, and cello (the bass violin is actually the only surviving member of the viol family). Invented by the mid 16th century, they were still much less common in 1630 than the viol family. In about 1680, Scots lairds started giving violins to fiddlers in order to help raise the general respectability of Scottish culture.

Plucked strings

Strings were plucked with either the fingers or with a plectrum (pick) usually made from horn or quill.


Psaltry-drawing by David Vavreck


Lower class

Psaltery - a flat instrument with many strings which sat in one’s lap or on a tabletop, often plucked two-handed. Like the rebec, gone from the rest of western Europe where it had once (from the 12th century) been an upper class instrument, but considered old-fashioned and lower class in Scotland by the late 16th century.

Dulcimer - medieval instrument, similar to a very large psaltery, but played with small wooden hammers.

Upper class/classless

Harp - Apparently invented by the Picts by the 8th century, the Celtic harp (clarsach) was traditionally highly thought of by the masses. Harpers were treated with much respect, being the highest ranking persons (apart from royals) under Highland law. Dying out in Scottish culture by our period, most documented harpers in Scotland in the 17th and 18th centuries were émigrés or refugees from Ireland. In spite of their upper class associations, if harpers were approached with due reverence, they would gladly play for poor peasants, who would be awestruck by the honor shown them. Highland and Irish harps had wire strings, and were played with the fingernails. Lowland harps, like almost all other varieties, had gut strings and were played with the fingertips. The gothic harp, ancestor to the modern concert harp, was played in European courts. Sharping levers, by which one can quickly change key, were not yet invented.

Lute - this bowl-backed fretted instrument, brought to Europe by returning Crusaders in about the 12th century, was an instrument strung in courses (pairs of strings) of increasing number as the centuries progressed. By 1630, most lutes had 6 or 7 courses; by 1700, most had 10 courses or more. Lutes were also made in several different sizes which were known by such names as mandora, and mandolin (small lutes) and the theorbo (quite large - 6 or 8 feet long). Almost as common in taverns as at court.

Cittern - like a mandolin on steroids, this instrument filled the function that the much more modern rhythm guitar fills in folk and rock music. In other words, one usually strummed chords on it, but one could also play melodies. Very distinctive sound. 17th century barbers often had a cittern hanging on the wall for use of customers waiting their turn. The modern cittern often used by Irish bands is a different instrument.

Strings not appropriate for our time period

Guitar - although there was an instrument of this name in existence in our period, and it was even an ancestor to the modern guitar, in 1630 it was an obscure Spanish court instrument, which had only just begun to be played in Italy. It usually had four courses, rather than 6 single strings, and was much smaller than most modern versions. The guitar is not documented in the British Isles until well into the 19th century.

Flat-backed mandolins - 20th century.

Bowed Psaltery - if I understand correctly, this triangular instrument was invented around 1940 by a violin teacher for his very youngest pupils. Pity, too, as it is most pleasant.

Stay tuned to the next installment, where David discusses the Woodwinds!


Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Tentative Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  Event Maps and Notification
    Special Announcements  

Calendar of Events

Be sure to contact your staff
if you plan on attending a show event. Try to give at least a ten day notice when possible. This allows proper planning for the feeding of our members, and in some cases is required by event organizers to allow entry as a participant.
You can call any of the staff members listed, or send an email to staff@clanntartan.org.


Dance @ MCTC 
Annual Meeting/Board Elections
Corcoran Park Hall

Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Call your staff for details
on where to meet.

Dance @ St. Christopher's 
Sword Drill
7PM at Corcoran Park Hall
(where we hold our annual meetings)
Call Marty 651.483.1173
Night at the Pub
7pm at the Lake Street Garage
E Lake St at 36th Av in Minneapolis 
Scottish Ramble
Minnesota Landmark Center
Saint Paul, MN 
Scottish Ramble
Minnesota Landmark Center
Saint Paul, MN 
Dance @ MCTC 

12 NOON @ Corcoran
Please call a staff
member for location 
Party @ 7!
Dance @ St. Christopher's 



Date Event Status
February 1 Dance Practice—MCTC Scheduled
February 4 Board and Members’ Meeting—Corcoran 12:00 Scheduled
February 4 Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade Scheduled
February 14 Dance Practice—St. Christopher’s Scheduled
February 16 Sword Drill—Corcoran Scheduled
February 18-19 Scottish Ramble Scheduled
February 22 Dance Practice—MCTC Scheduled
February 25 Camp Drill—Corcoran 12:00 Scheduled
February 28 Dance Practice—St. Christopher’s Scheduled

With February we welcome the return of Camp Drill. This is an occasion to gather and work on camp-type projects—clothes, characters, brogue, camp crafts. A number of members have also expressed an interest in a fabric swap—trade your old, boring bits of stash for somebody else’s new, exciting bits of stash. We encourage those who wish to participate to bring their fabric, and themselves, to Corcoran on Saturday the 25th at 12:00. It’s always a fun gathering—see you there!

MARCH 2006


Sword Drill
7PM at Corcoran Park Hall
(where we hold our annual meetings)
Call Marty 651.483.1173

Night at the Pub
7pm at Mannings Cafe
2200 Como Av SE 
10AM to 4PM
Please call a staff
member for location 


Event Schedule for the 2006 Season:

Hello all,

The following is a list of the dates of the events that are currently on the schedule for this year. The staff has met and decided to keep this running list of events in the newsletter to give you a chance to get an idea of what is going on this season as well as keep you updated to changes in the schedule.

The column titled status will include the following information.

Tentative- this means that an event organizer or clann has expressed a strong enough interest in doing this event that it warrants reserving space on the calendar for the event.

Pending- this is the next stage of an event. This means that Maeve has entered serious discussion about Clann doing an event but we are still not committed to the event. You should however if possible think about wether or not you may be able to attend this event.

Scheduled- this level means that the board and staff have approve the event and we are committed to providing manpower to making the event happen. When an event is assigned this level please let Julie know as soon as possible if you can or can not attend this event.

Canceled- This means that for various reasons an scheduled event has been removed from the current season. We will try and give as much notice as we can prior to canceling an event.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me regarding this matter

Rob Johnson.

1/1/2006 Airing of the Tartans
1st Footing
1/28/2006 Grand Day Parade Finished
2/4/2006 Torchlight Parade Scheduled
2/18-19/2006 Scottish Ramble Scheduled
4/28-30/2006 Charles City Military History Days http://hometown.aol.com/daveww2/CHARLESCITYclub.html Pending
6/3-5/2006 Wisconsin Renaissance Fair (This fair runs all weekends in June) www.wirenfaire.com Tentative
6/10-12/2006 Wisconsin Renaissance Fair (This fair runs all weekends in June) www.wirenfaire.com Tentative
6/10-11/2006 Olde World Renaissance Faire (Twig) http://www.owrenaissancefaire.com/ Pending
6/17-19/2006 Wisconsin Renaissance Fair (This fair runs all weekends in June) www.wirenfaire.com Tentative
6/24-26/2006 Wisconsin Renaissance Fair (This fair runs all weekends in June) www.wirenfaire.com Tentative
7/15/2006 MN Scottish Fair and Highland Games http://www.mnscottishfair.org/ Scheduled
7/15/2005 Dun Gowan Tactical www.dungowan.com Tentative
8/5-6/2005 Deer River Rendezvous www.whiteoak.org Pending
8/19/2006-10/1/2006 MN Renaissance Festival (This fair runs weekends typically we only do one of them) Tentative
8/2-4/2006 Wisconsin Scottish Highland Games http://www.wisconsinscottish.org/ Tentative
10/5-6/2006 Big Island Rendezvous (education days) Pending
10/7-8/2006 Big Island Rendezvous (public days) Pending
10/12-14/2006 Mankato History Fest Pending
10/17-22/2006 Big Muddy River Rendezvous Pending


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Articles    Tentative Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  Event Maps and Notification
   Special Announcements  


Map to Board Meetings
Bruce and Julie Yoder's Home
FEBRUARY 25th!!!!
Map to St. Paul location St. Christopher's- Dance
Map to Board/Quarterly/Annual Meetings
Corcoran Park, Minneapolis 
Map to the Mpls Comm & Tech College
1st & 3rd Wednesdays dance location
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Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade - St. Paul, MN
Saturday, Feb 4 2006

Call Julie Yoder for details on where to meet.

A SCOTTISH RAMBLE MN Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN Feb. 18th and 19th, 2006

Once again, Clann Tartan is participating in the Scottish Ramble, the Upper Midwest's largest indoor Scottish event. This will take place on Saturday, February 18th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Sunday, February 19th from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM.

Clann has done this for years and it is always great fun! There's lots to see and do. Goody Lyon, our Head Campfollower, is providing roast lamb for lunch. The dance guild is working up a small skit for dance demos. And, the Captain expects a good turnout of soldiers for drill.

Scottish Ramble is at the Landmark Center, just east of RiverCentre, across from Rice Park, in downtown Saint Paul, MN. Here are driving and parking directions from the Landmark Center website.

If you're coming by car:

* From I-94 going east: Exit Fifth Street, proceed approx. 2 blocks
* From I-94 going west: Exit Sixth Street, proceed approx. 8 blocks
* From I-35E going north: Exit Kellogg Blvd. and turn right. At second stop light (Seventh Street), turn left, then veer right onto Fifth Street and continue 1 long block.
* From 1-35E going south: Exit Wacouta Street, proceed to Sixth Street and turn right (east). proceed approx. 8 blocks.

Ramp Parking (within one block)

* The Landmark Towers/St. Paul Hotel Ramp: Enter on Market Street between 4th and 5th Streets
* Lawson Ramp: Enter on 5th Street between St. Peter & Wabasha Streets

Ramp Parking (within three blocks)

* RiverCentre Ramp: enter on Kellogg Blvd.
* Science Museum of Minnesota ramp: enter on Kellogg Blvd
* Marshall Field's ramp: Enter on Wabasha St. (one-way, north) between 6th and 7th Streets or you may enter on 6th street between Cedar and Wabasha
* The Victory Ramp: enter on St. Peter St. (one-way, south) between 6th & 7th Streets
* The Minnesota World Trade Center: enter on Cedar St. (one-way, south) between 6th & 7th Streets.

Please advise Mistress Lyon (Julie Yoder) if you plan to attend.

Your staff thanks you.



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Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Tentative Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  Event Maps and Notification
   Special Announcements