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It's coming up to that time of the year again!

That's right – the staff elections are right around the corner on Saturday, November 4th, 2006, so it's time now to start thinking about running if you're interested, and voting regardless. Some quick answers to questions you may have:

Who is eligible to vote? Anyone who is a paid member and is recognized by at least one member of the Staff and one member of the Board can vote. There will be absentee ballots, but they won't be anonymous – we need to verify you are a current member, so your name will have to be on it. Better still, attend the Quarterly members meeting and vote in person!

What am I voting for? You will be voting for a Chief of Staff – basically, as it was decided and last year's quarterly and members meeting, the CoS position is the top dog – the head honcho, who oversees all of the staff. It's mostly a coordinator position – make sure that things are done, and the work is divided equitably. The next positions are Captain and Head Campfollower – they report directly to the CoS, and are responsible for making sure that shows run smoothly – scheduling the demos, buying and making sure the food is prepared, and many other duties. The final positions are staff – they report directly to the Captain and HCF, and perform the duties assigned to them. We don't have a set number of these – it depends on who is interested.

How do I find out more information? There are a few ways – the manual is one of them, the best way is to talk to a current or former staff person and find out what is involved. All your staff members are listed in the newsletter.

How long is the position? This year, the Chief of Staff will be elected to a two year position, the HCF and Captain will be one year's positions this year, and two years after that. This is to ensure that we will always have continuity on the staff, which has been a problem in the past. The rest of the staff duration will be discussed at the meeting, so show up and vote!

How do I get nominated? There are a few ways – have a friend of yours nominate you by sending information to Glenn McDavid, the secretary, nominate yourself the same way, show up at the meeting and toss your ring into the hat, or don't show up have your friends nominate you… Just kidding – you have to agree to run to be voted in.

How much time is involved? There are monthly staff meetings of 1-2 hours duration, plus all the prep time getting ready for shows. With everyone helping, your time commitment can be smaller. The CoS, HCF, and Captain usually also attend the Board meetings monthly which are usually about 2 hours long. As always, everyone is welcome to attend the meetings!

What if I want to run for the Board? Those elections will be held in February at the Annual meeting – voting rules are the same. The Board positions are for two years, and are staggered. In February 2007, we will vote for a new Vice President, Secretary, and Company Representative. In February 2008, we will vote for President, Treasurer, Quartermaster, and Camp Representative. Again, if you're interested, attend the Board meetings, talk to those currently in the positions, and review your manual. Just for the record, I will not be running for President in 2008 – it's time for New Blood.

What if I have a question you didn't answer? Call, email or write, or show up at the meeting and ask – that's the best way!



October is our busy month, as most of you know, due to the three shows on successive weekends that we participate in. This requires some schedule changes.

Weapons Drill and Sword Drill will happen at events. Camp Drill is cancelled due to excessive amounts of actual camping. These events will return at their regular times in November.


*Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!*

After much soul- and schedule-searching, I have decided that I would offer my name as candidate for Captain.

Cousin Will, whom many of you have met, will be my leftenant and likely the acting Captain at most events if I should be elected.

The 2007 season will be my fifth season with Colonel Gaffneyis Regiment. Since I joined, I have served as Goodwife every year, edited the members' manual, written a number of articles for the newsletter, served as acting Captain at several events, finished the 4th muster level, served as the Contracts Representative for nearly two years, and bought a lot of hats.

If elected Captain, I promise to return phone calls, answer emails, attend lots of meetings, and have a chicken in every pot. Or oatmeal. Or whatever the HCF decides to serve. In any case, there will be something in a pot at every meal if I'm elected captain.

Vote Kane for Captain in the November Staff elections. As Clann Tartan/Col. Gaffneyis nears its 20th year, it is high time we had a female Captain.

Maeve Kane



Staff elections are coming in November. Our excellent Chief of Staff, Rob Johnson, has had to step down due to living in Moorhead.

I have been on staff in the past year, serving as secretary, article-writer, all-purpose nag, and occasionally Acting Head CampFollower. I think I have given good service, and that I have still more to offer Clann.

I wish to announce that I am running for the position of Chief of Staff. I hope that my performance as Henchwoman has been such that the membership may look with favour on my candidacy. I promise to bring intelligence, compulsive connectivity, and all the tact I can muster to this position. May I have your vote?

Mia McDavid

*Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!* *Hear ye!*


Clann Tartan is pleased to announce Colonel Gaffneis Official Sutlery!

Currently we offer tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, mugs, mouse pads, bumper stickers, bibs, infant creepers, steins and totes with a variety of designs.

The online store can be found at www.cafepress.com/clanntartan.



Submissions for the Newsletter!
Items you can submit include research articles, character sketches, and other items pertaining to living history and Scottish Culture. Email your items in either plain text, or MS Word format to newsletter@clanntartan.org or snail mail to our postal address.
Items must be received by the 15th of each month to be considered for inclusion for the upcoming months issue. Mailed submissions will not be returned unless requested. All pertinent submissions will be considered as space permits. All research articles must reference at least three sources. Submissions are NOT edited for spelling or grammar, but may be broken in multiple parts.

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  

Board Minutes

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  

Board & Staff

If you need to contact someone associated with Clann Tartan, here is where you find out how. If you are unsure who to contact, you can always email us at: info@clanntartan.org

Board Members

President Mary McKinley 651-699-6853 mairi2@juno.com
Vice President Cate Hesser -651-917-2327   -bear@cybervalkyrie.com 
Secretary Glenn McDavid 651-490-1842 gmcdavid@comcast.net
Treasurer Bruce Yoder 651-698-8375 bruceyoder@juno.com
Quarter Master Herb Lindorff 612-827-4440 deeptinker@hotmail.com
Camp Rep. Diana Steben 612-728-1189 Rillaspins@aol.com
Company Rep. Sean McCanna  952-926-1279   macbaird@lycos.com  


Chief of Staff Rob Johnson 612.702.4274  roguerpj@mn.rr.com
Head Campfollower Julie Yoder 651.698.8375 julieyoder@juno.com
Captain Marty Byers 651.483.1173 twolodge@yahoo.com
Henchman Eric Ferguson 612.726.6364 eric@celticfringe.net
Henchman David Vavreck 612-378-1973 baethan1630@yahoo.com
Henchwoman Mia McDavid 651-490-1842 mia_mcdavid@comcast.net 
Henchwoman Maeve Kane 952.461.4666 mollmccaine@aol.com 
Henchwoman Betsy Bolton 612-359-1089  basil80@hotmail.com 

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  


Sword Guild:

The Sword Guild is currently meeting at the Byers' house at 2821 Churchill Ave in Roseville. We have ample room to work about and not worry about getting too close to one another. We meet at 7:00, on the 3rd Thursday of the month (in November, it will be on the 19th and will take place in Winona, at BMR). If interested, contact Marty Byers, 651-483-1173 / 651-261-5815 / twolodge@yahoo.com. I would be happy to bring new people into the Guild and hope that our numbers will soon swell.
P.S. Don't worry if you do not have a sword yet, some are available for classes.

Marty L. Byers


1st & 3rd Wednesdays
Currently looking for a place

Questions? call Mary at 651-699-6853 or Julie at 651-698-8375

2nd & 4th Tuesdays
Saint Christopher's Episcopal Church, 2300 N Hamline Ave. in St. Paul.

It is at the northeast corner of Highway 36 and Hamline Avenue (Hamline is between Snelling and Lexington). The church is actually encircled by the highway entrance ramp.
The Dance Guild gathers weekly from 7PM-9PM to learn and practice historic Scottish country dances.
For more information call:

Mary at 651-699-6853 or Julie at 651-698-8375

It's a great place to meet people!

Other Guilds

Want to learn about wool spinning, weaving, or dying? Diana Steben (651-489-2881) and Kali Pederson (651-730-5437 ) organize the Fiber Guild.

Clann Tartan has our own historic site near Duluth MN. Dun Gowan is an ongoing project, which is the site of Gaffneyis Annual Tactical in July. We are finishing the fort and beginning the construction of a village this year. Contact David Vavreck at 612-378-1973 or baethan1630@yahoo.com for further information, or to volunteer to help.


Clann's monthly drill will be held on the third Saturday of the month, unless there is a scheduled Clann Event that weekend (October's Drill will be at Winona, during Big Muddy Rendezvous). Contact a Staff Member for directions.
The time is NOON.

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  



Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  

Calendar of Events

Be sure to contact your staff
if you plan on attending a show event. Try to give at least a ten day notice when possible. This allows proper planning for the feeding of our members, and in some cases is required by event organizers to allow entry as a participant.
You can call any of the staff members listed, or send an email to staff@clanntartan.org.


Lake Hiawatha Community Center 
Clann Tartan Quarterly Meeting,
Corcoran Community Center. NOON 
Saint Christopher's 
Lake Hiawatha Community Center 
Night at the Pub 
Company Drill 
Saint Christopher's 
10AM to 4PM
Please call a staff
member for location 



Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season  


Map to Board Meetings
Bruce and Julie Yoder's Home
4736 12th Av S, Minneapolis, 55407 
Map to St. Paul location St. Christopher's- Dance
Map to /Quarterly/Annual Meetings
Corcoran Neighborhood Center,
3334 20th Av South, Minneapolis, MN 
Map to Lake Hiawatha Community Center
2701 E 44th St in Minneapolis

1st & 3rd Wednesdays dance location
Helleand Building
Map to Marty & Judy Byers home
Location for for Sword Drill

2821 Churchill, Roseville MN 

Board Minutes Staff & Board Directory Guilds
Calendar of Events Maps Announcements
Articles    Event Schedule for the 2006 Season