Living History & Reenactment Groups

Need a pattern for a new shirt? How about a new tent for the new season? Trying to find information on Mary Queen of Scots? The internet is full of wonderful resources, here's just a small selection of those sites we think you will find useful in your pursuit of Living History.

On this page you'll find links to other Living History and Reenactment groups, but if you're looking for other items, use the above menu to list them by category.

Living History and Reenactor Groups - A list of Scottish Historical Re-enactment Societies
Bonaventure - A UB based Maritime history group that has a focus on 1560-1660.
Chesapeake Tory Privateers
Clan Donnachaidh, the Atholl Brigade
The English Civil War Society of America
First Minnesota - Civil War
The 42nd Highlanders
Historic Fort Snelling
The Historic Highlanders
The Kings Life Guard of Foote
La Compagnie MN Based Fur Trade group
MN Coalition of Scottish Clans
Sealed Knot
Tattershall - 15th-17th Century
The White Oak Society - Fur trade post near Deer River, MN
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